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Keep On


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  1. keep on 1. To stay positioned on top of something. Good luck keeping yourself on that wild horse! 2. To support someone so that they stay positioned on top of something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used 3. To persist in doing something. I'm going to call the cops on our neighbors if.
  2. continue/go on/carry on/keep on develop routines that keep her on schedule don't let that keep you on land" For now just keep an eye on the time for those guys who keep on failing to get a good score Go on / keep on go on, carry on, keep verb+ing go on/keep on + gerund He has agreed to keep me on How to keep on keeping on - grammar.
  3. 9 Pros Every Homeowner Needs to Keep on Speed Dial Be prepared for the unexpected by keeping these important professionals in your contacts. You never know when you're going to need them!Author: Mark Wolfe.
  4. keep on with (something) keep one eye on (someone or something) keep one in place. keep one jump ahead. keep one step ahead (of someone or something) keep one step ahead of. keep one’s cool. keep one’s head right. keep one’s nose clean.
  5. Jan 27,  · “Keep On” is about a one-sided relationship in which Kehlani’s lover is giving more love than they are getting.
  6. KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON is a film crafted with great affection by Hicks - another former student of Terry's - a grace note for his teacher, infused with soulfulness and serendipity%.
  7. Keep On is the third album by pop singer Will Young. The album was released on 21 November , debuting at number 2 on the albums chart in the United Kingdom, as the album sold , copies in Genre: Pop.

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